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Our sermons help you to apply the Bible’s truths to your everyday life and get to know God’s purpose for your life.

Mt Albert Baptist is a place to connect with God and others, grow in your faith, and get involved - we’re a church that likes to make a difference by engaging with the world around us so that others can experience God’s love.

Listen to our latest sermons online here, and come along to our next Sunday services.

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A Prisoner's Guide to Joy: Lives That Model It

In this 4th part of the series, Pastor Rob looks at how Paul sets the example of living a life of joy, while living in isolation.

A Prisoner's Guide to Joy: Ambitions That Stifle It

Pastor Steve explains how the pursuit of society's badges of honour is a stifling way to live, while having a real relationship with Christ frees you up for so much more.

A Prisoner's Guide to Joy: Humility That Activates It

Greg explains what Christian Humility is and the importance of embracing our unique weaknesses and strengths because that is how God made us.

A Prisoner's Guide To Joy

Pastor Steve explains how living out our Christian calling is the start point of joy, through the study of Philippians 1.

Called and Gifted 3

Pastor Steve concludes the series by presenting opportunities for service in the coming year.

Called and Gifted 2

Pastor Steve looks at the 29 spiritual gifts mentioned in the Bible. Which ones have you been given?

Called and Gifted 1

What or who is the Holy Spirit? Steve tells us some important discoveries he has made.

Lessons from the life of Elijah 5

Elijah prepares to hand over to Elisha. What lessons can we learn about how we can become Elijahs for God?

Lessons from the life of Elijah 4

To the obvious question "Where is the God of Elijah", Greg suggests that a more appropriate question would be "Where are the Elijahs of God?".

Lessons from the life of Elijah 3

Because we have done what God asked us to do, does this guarantee that our lives will be plain sailing as a result? What can we learn about this from the life of Elijah?

Our Values

Connect (Upward)

We are a welcoming church community for anyone to get to know God and his plan for their life.

Relate (Withward)

We believe life change happens best in community, when we can learn from and encourage each other.

Grow (Inward)

We want to be transformed into the individuals and community that God dreams for us.

Engage (Outward)

We like to make a difference by engaging with the world around us so others can experience God’s love.

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What’s the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?

We asked our international pastor Rob Lovatt the question, and this is his story.

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The beauty of a quiet place

Amidst the hectic pace of life, Jackie Wise finds a sweet spot.

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A marriage saved

Murray and Sue Wagener want to share their story of marriage on the rocks and how God stepped in to pick up the pieces, to give others hope.

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A new start

Here’s a story about a life impacted by a family’s kindness and an Easter Camp 40 years ago.

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Note on a plane

A chance encounter with a stranger set Bill and Jean Morley’s life on a different course 50 years ago. This is their story.

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