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Our sermons help you to apply the Bible’s truths to your everyday life and get to know God’s purpose for your life.

Mt Albert Baptist is a place to connect with God and others, grow in your faith, and get involved - we’re a church that likes to make a difference by engaging with the world around us so that others can experience God’s love.

Listen to our latest sermons online here, and come along to our next Sunday services at 9 & 11am.

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Live Issues 3 - Christianity without the Church

What is the importance of the Church as a follower of Christ? Greg Liston speaks on this relevant issue in christian life.

Live Issues 2 - Christianity without the Trinity

Pastor Steve Worsley teaches on evidence for the Holy Trinity.

Live Issues 1 - Christianity without the Bible

Where do we sit within global christianity? What does the Bible says about itself and is there a future for Christianity without the Bible?

Vision Sunday 2017

While we’re not all visionaries I would argue that all Christians need to be people of vision because we all need to seek God about our future

Marketplace Missionaries 5. Encouragement

Andrew concluded our series on Marketplace Missionaries on Sunday, speaking about encouragement.

Marketplace Missionaries 4. Auckland's Areopagus?

Acts gives us practical examples of living for Jesus, and how our faith can work out in our daily lives.

Marketplace Missionaries 3. How jealousy affects us

If we could wipe out all jealousy entirely tomorrow how might the world look?

Marketplace Missionaries 2. When people dislike your values

What clash of values have you experienced in your 9-5? Do those values give you freedom and confidence?

Marketplace Missionaries 1. When God redirects you

This series will follow Paul’s second missionary journey. All the way through we’ll be asking: If Paul did Mission like that, how are we doing it in our 9-5?

Threats to Wholeness #5 Uncomfortable change

Rob Lovatt reminds us to look for the Ultimate Constant in a world full of change.

Our Values

Connect (Upward)

We are a welcoming church community for anyone to get to know God and his plan for their life.

Relate (Withward)

We believe life change happens best in community, when we can learn from and encourage each other.

Grow (Inward)

We want to be transformed into the individuals and community that God dreams for us.

Engage (Outward)

We like to make a difference by engaging with the world around us so others can experience God’s love.

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StoriesFrom Mt Albert Baptist

A marriage saved

Murray and Sue Wagener want to share their story of marriage on the rocks and how God stepped in to pick up the pieces, to give others hope.

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A new start

Each year at Easter thousands of teenagers around New Zealand go to camps where they learn about God and the story of Jesus – all the while having an amazing time together. Here’s a story about a life impacted by a family’s kindness and an Easter Camp 40 years ago.

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Note on a plane

A chance encounter with a stranger set Bill and Jean Morley’s life on a different course 50 years ago. This is their story.

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