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Our sermons help you to apply the Bible’s truths to your everyday life and get to know God’s purpose for your life.

Mt Albert Baptist is a place to connect with God and others, grow in your faith, and get involved - we’re a church that likes to make a difference by engaging with the world around us so that others can experience God’s love.

Listen to our latest sermons online here, and come along to our next Sunday services.

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Hard Questions: If God's Inclusive, Why is There Genocide in the Old Testament

Sometimes it can be hard to reconcile the loving character of God with some of the events of the Old Testament. Pastor Steve takes us through Deuteronomy, looking at why the Canaanites had to die.

Worship: Enjoying God - 6. Your Voice Matters

Pastor Steve shows us why your voice matters. It matters whether you're singing or praying or giving or whatever.

Worship: Enjoying God - 5. The Basis for Worship

Pastor Steve asks whether the way we worship today bears much relation to what the Bible says about worship?

Worship: Enjoying God - 4. Worship Matters

Join us for the fourth part of this six-part series on worship. In this message, Steve gives some insight into different types of worship outside of music, and some pathways we can use to worship our Creator.

Worship: Enjoying God - 3. Worship Is All About Happiness

Join us as Greg Liston makes the case that God finds our happiness in worship incredibly important.

Worship: Enjoying God - 2. Happiness in a Messed Up World

The second in a six-part series entitled 'Worship: Enjoying God". Greg Liston speaks about the pursuit of happiness.

Worship: Enjoying God - 1. The Case for Happiness

The first in a six-part series entitled 'Worship: Enjoying God". Greg Liston presents a biblical case for human happiness, and why he believes that we were created by God in joy and for joy.

How is biblical community different? 10. Direction in an Aimless World

In a world where we are becoming ever more disconnected and purpose seems to be getting harder to uncover, how can we find direction? Tune in to the final chapter of this ten-part series in Ephesians to find out.

How is biblical community different? 9. Humility in a rights-driven world

Are the words of Paul concerning the place of husbands, wives, and children within the biblical community at odds with the rest of what we've been looking at in the book of Ephesians? Tune in and see what you think.

How is biblical community different? 8. Purity in a Permissive World

How can we be pure in a permissive world?

Our Values

Connect (Upward)

We are a welcoming church community for anyone to get to know God and his plan for their life.

Relate (Withward)

We believe life change happens best in community, when we can learn from and encourage each other.

Grow (Inward)

We want to be transformed into the individuals and community that God dreams for us.

Engage (Outward)

We like to make a difference by engaging with the world around us so others can experience God’s love.

Latest NewsFrom Mt Albert Baptist


A reunion!

We're holding a Reunion for those aged 50-60+ who have memories to share about Mt Albert Baptist from years gone by. Come along to this informal gathering, afternoon tea is provided. Sunday July 15 @ 2.30pm in Jubilee Hall at Mt Albert Baptist.

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AGM 2018

Come hear the things happening in our community, vote for the Elders and vote on the next phase in our building project at our AGM Sun 29 April, 4.30pm.

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StoriesFrom Mt Albert Baptist

What’s the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?

We asked our international pastor Rob Lovatt the question, and this is his story.

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The beauty of a quiet place

Amidst the hectic pace of life, Jackie Wise finds a sweet spot.

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A marriage saved

Murray and Sue Wagener want to share their story of marriage on the rocks and how God stepped in to pick up the pieces, to give others hope.

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A new start

Here’s a story about a life impacted by a family’s kindness and an Easter Camp 40 years ago.

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Note on a plane

A chance encounter with a stranger set Bill and Jean Morley’s life on a different course 50 years ago. This is their story.

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