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Laidlaw at Large

Having a faith that is as intelligent as it is courageous is part of Laidlaw College’s mission to equip Christians.


We couldn’t agree more!  Together we have set up a mini-campus of Laidlaw College at Mt Albert Baptist Church called Laidlaw at Large. The lectures are delivered from either the college’s Henderson or Manukau campuses, with all other Laidlaw and Laidlaw at Large sites receiving live-stream lectures via video-link. The classes are wonderfully interactive, where questions and discussion is encouraged.

People attending the lectures can choose to come and for "interest only", or to complete the assignments and gain a credit towards a university-level qualification.

The lectures offered, run all semester and require a commitment in time and cost for interest only, or for a university level credit. Click here for all fees information.

To find out about the course on offer this semester, please email Greg Liston.

Courses offered previously have included:

  • 2022 S2 Formation: Lecturer Maja Whittiker & Ryan Lang

  • 2021 S2 Intercultural Studies: Lecturer Rebecca DeJong

  • 2021 S1 Biblical Theology: Lecturer Roshan Allpress

  • 2020 S2 Engaging Theology: Lecturer Myk Habets

  • 2020 S1 New Testament Introduction: Lecturer Mark Keown

  • 2019 S2 Old Testament Introduction: Lecturer Charles Erlam

  • 2019 S1 Mission, Church and Community: Lecturer Graeme Flett

  • 2018 S2 Theology Introduction: Lecturer Greg Liston

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